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I’m thrilled to be rockin’ with you on The River! A few facts about me, most
not greatly exaggerated:

  • I’m a “former” Michigander who has called Eastern North Carolina home
    for many moons. I met my husband bowling, married him on the beach,
    raised our son on a boat and a baseball field and now I truly can’t imagine
    ever living anywhere else!
  • My first concerts: Todd Rundgren. REO Speedwagon. The Doobie Brothers.
    We literally carried a keg into the outdoor venue for The Doobie Brothers!
    Years later I saw every Doobie there ever was on the same stage in Vegas.
    We couldn’t carry a keg into that concert.
  • Favorite author: Stephen King. Maybe explains a weird hobby I have that
    involves Barbie doll heads. Just the heads. But, an episode of “Dexter”
    really should get more credit for that than Stephen.
  • I should have been a rock star. But I can’t sing. Or play an instrument.
    Though I did have a band with my sisters when we were young, and I did
    play a mean tennis racket.
  • I have met a few rock stars. Waited on Bob Seger all night and didn’t even
    know it was him. He drank beer. Coolest hang with rock stars definitely
    goes to Ed and Jess with Collective Soul which resulted in my favorite
    “selfie” ever!
  • I love being on the water. Fishing, clamming, crabbing. Crab. Yummy!